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Jove paper to label blood vessels in small teleost fish models

New methodological paper published in Jove

Together with Finn-Arne Weltzien, we published a new methods video on blood vessel labeling in the Journal of Visualized Experiments entitled Labeling of Blood Vessels in the Teleost Brain and Pituitary using Cardiac Perfusion with a DiI-Fixative.

In this article we present a powerful protocol to label the blood vessels in the fish brain and pituitary allowing us to study the connections between neurons or endocrine cells with the blood vasculature. In this protocol we use medaka as model animal, but this protocol can easily be adapted to other teleost species. It will help to answer to key questions in the future such as the presence or not of a blood portal system in fish between the hypothalamus and the pituitary.

Watch the video here:

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