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we participated to the Symposium on fish endocrinology and genomics Japan-norway

June 14th and 15th 2021 was organised the Symposium of fish endocrinology and genomics between Japan and Norway. This was organised by Prof. Guro Sandvick and Prof. Marie Saitou from the Centre for Integrative Genetics (CIGENE) at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU).

It was an online congress but really well organised with an amazing poster session with an online video game system allowing us to visit the posters and virtually discuss in front of them with the other participants. With more than 50 participants this was quite an experience !

The platform used for the poster session. I felt like in a pokemon video game

During this congress several members of our group have presented their work. Dr Christiaan Henkel and me presented an oral presentation entitled respectively “Single-cell sequencing of the medaka pituitary gland” and “The Japanese medaka as a model to study neuroendocrine system plasticity“.

Also our two PhD students, Muhammad Rahmad Royan and Khadeeja Siddique presented a poster entitled respectively “Single-cell RNA-seq identifies hormone-producing cell types in the teleost fish pituitary ” and “3D atlas of pituitary from the teleost model medaka“. Royan even received the best poster award !

Royan won the poster award with his poster on the 3D atlas of the medaka pituitary

During the presentation, there were many good and interesting talks mixing genetics and physiology or ecology. It is always inspiring to meet and listen other scientists, that succeed to make important discoveries in our field. We thank the organisers and all participants for this good moment.

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