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on the Norwegian NRK radio and TV

Today, we got the pleasure to hear on the radio and to watch on the TV news, a short presentation (in Norwegian) of one of the research project we have recently began at NMBU. This was broadcasted on NRK, the Norwegian government-owned radio and television public broadcasting company, and the largest media organisation in Norway.

Here you can hear the short radio presentation that was released at 7h15 (2 minutes long from NRK website)

In the evening news at 20h00, a small interview has been broadcasted on NRK TV during the daily news (less than 2 minutes)

This is a collaborative project with others research groups at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and mainly performed by the students Lauren Closs and Nils Gunnar Lindbo. We are investigating the effect of light pollution on several aspect of fish welfare and biology. We have recently measured the light pollution underwater in Oslo harbour and the main river in Oslo, Akerselva. We are now investigating the effect of this light conditions on fish welfare and biology in laboratory controlled conditions using the model fish medaka. The final aim is to understand how Atlantic salmon and coastal Atlantic cod, which are two endangered species, are affected by the light pollution in Oslo area.

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