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Royan, our amazing Phd student defended his PHD

In June, 26th Muhammad Rahmad Royan has defended his PhD thesis entitled Regulation of pituitary gonadotropes by sex steroids and photoperiod in medaka.

Royan defended his thesis in front of Director of Research Valerie Simonneaux from University of Strasbourg (France, First Opponent), Professor Kataaki Okubo from the University of Tokyo (Japan, Second Opponent), and Associate Professor Mette Helen Bjørge Müller from NMBU (Norway, Committee Coordinator). Royan did a very good job during the presentation and we are very happy for him.

Some papers remain to be publsihed with Royan but he is now living us for a postdoc in Japan in the laboratory of Shinji Kanda at the University of Tokyo.

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