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New preprint on gonadectomy and blood sampling techniques in medaka RELEASED

After a fruitful collaboration with Prof. Shinji Kanda at the University of Tokyo in Japan and his colleagues in China, our PhD student, Muhammad Rahmad Royan has submitted his first paper after only 10 months in the laboratory.

Royan has spent about 1 month and a half in Japan in the laboratory of Prof. Kyoshi Naruse and in the laboratory of Prof. Shinji Kanda where he learned medaka egg injection, gonadectomy, blood sampling and ELISA for sex steroids.

He is now using these techniques on a daily routine for his PhD project, and while waiting the scientific publication, he has written a technical paper describing the techniques of gonadectomy and blood sampling in medaka that has just been released on the preprint server : BioRxiv. The paper also has been submitted to Journal of Visualised Experiment (JoVE).

To find the paper on BioRxiv :

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